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Drink tea help an animal

We’ve added some mugs to the #AdoptDontShop range. Now your cuppa will taste even better knowing you’ve helped an animal in a shelter.

Any product with the #AdoptDontShop mark means we will donate 25% of the sale to help local animal rescue charities.

We are currently trying to raise funds for Wonky Pets Rescue

Click here to get yours now.



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A T-Shirt That Saves Lives

Mindful Mutts are launching a range of t-shirts to raise money for local animal rescue charities. 25% of the sale of each shirt will go to our currently chosen charity. We focus on one organization at a time to maximize the donation to that charity.

**Get yours here

Great as a gift, or as a present to yourself.

Show you care.

Please note that we use a print on demand service to print and deliver these products to keep costs down and value high. This means that fulfilment and delivery take longer, usually 7 – 10 days. If you do not receive your product in 14 days please contact us and we will chase it up. Some delivery options include tracking.

**This link takes you to a different site. The site is owned by us and is perfectly safe.

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Does your dog literally “Wolf” down their food?

wolf face

It is important that your dog is taught to be calm around food. Slowing down their eating is a good starting point.

This video is a comparison of a dog eating out of his normal bowl to eating from a Kong Tiltz bowl. We promise the film isn’t speeded up.

Not only does the same amount of food last four times longer, but it’s a bit more challenging to get at it providing your dog with a mental workout at the same time.

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A Peaceful and Positive New Year

Wishing all our friends both human and canine a peaceful and positive new year.

Why not start the year with an intention to create a positive and mindful relationship with your pooch and watch them blossom into a calm and balanced companion?

Of course it all starts with you so spend a few days observing your thoughts and feelings when interacting with your dog. Especially before walks and meeting other dogs and people when out and about. If you notice any tension or anxiety, however small, in these situations your dog will be picking up on it and they will not be as relaxed as they could be and it may even put them high alert. Take a couple of moments before you go out to just breathe and let your mind slow down and see that this moment is absolutely fine.