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A Peaceful and Positive New Year

Wishing all our friends both human and canine a peaceful and positive new year.

Why not start the year with an intention to create a positive and mindful relationship with your pooch and watch them blossom into a calm and balanced companion?

Of course it all starts with you so spend a few days observing your thoughts and feelings when interacting with your dog. Especially before walks and meeting other dogs and people when out and about. If you notice any tension or anxiety, however small, in these situations your dog will be picking up on it and they will not be as relaxed as they could be and it may even put them high alert. Take a couple of moments before you go out to just breathe and let your mind slow down and see that this moment is absolutely fine.

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Separation Anxiety

sad dog

Why do dogs suffer with separation anxiety?

Dogs are naturally pack animals and really don’t like it if any member of their pack leaves. Many people when leaving their dog, will do their best to ‘help’ the dog through this in a very human way, showering him with comfort and assurance ‘It’s ok’ I won’t be long’ etc and sadly this adds to, or can even be the cause of their dogs anxiety. Continue reading Separation Anxiety

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Does your dog pull on the lead?

dog pulling on lead

Why do dogs pull on the lead ?

The main reasons a dog will pull on a lead is excitement, they haven’t been taught not to and because it works for them. If you think about it, to a dog the outside world is hugely stimulating, there are lots of smells to be smelt, spots to be peed on, lots of things moving around and lots of different sounds. If a dog is never shown how to walk properly on the lead then pulling will be their ‘normal’. Continue reading Does your dog pull on the lead?

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Remember remember the 5th of November…and the 4th…and the 6th…and Diwali…

A mindful approach to an age old problem.

Well, the firework season is here again along with the heartache and pain of having to see our pets go through what can be an absolutely terrifying time for them. I’m not going to go through the usual list of things to try as these can be found all over the internet. Firework phobia can be really tricky to resolve due to it’s random nature and everything is worth trying at least once, and perhaps even a combination of strategies may be helpful in getting your dog through this. Continue reading Fireworks

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Does Your Dog Jump Up?

dog jumping up

Why do dogs jump up?

By nature, a dog will always prefer to be close to the face, more precisely, the muzzle, of any other animal. The reasons being that they wish to know you and your breath says a lot about you especially to a dogs amazing sense of smell, also it tells them what you have been eating, and as pups their mom would regurgitate food for them. The position of the dog physically has bearing on his position within their family group. The higher they are, the higher their position. This does not relate to the height of a dog as a Jack Russell can just as easily be the top dog over much bigger dogs such as German Shepherds. In fact my dog Buddy GS Rotty X always gives way to smaller dogs thanks to him meeting my moms very feisty three year old Jack Russell when Buddy was eight months old. He was put in, and firmly kept, in his place. Continue reading Does Your Dog Jump Up?