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It’s a Ruff Life


The past year has seen a massive increase in the amount of new puppies in our lives. Unfortunately, this has also meant a significant rise in the number of dogs that have been given up to shelters. It is likely this trend will continue this year and with spring already here you might be considering adding to your family as well.

We would encourage you to consider adopting a dog that is in desperate need of a home. Most dogs in rescue are there through no fault of their own and will be loving family pets given the opportunity

Our Ruff Life service will take you from deciding on the type of dog that is best suited to your lifestyle and help you find them. We can support you from adoption day for two weeks to ensure a smooth and stress free transition for your new dog.

We do not charge for this service but we ask that you donate in some way to the rescue organisation you adopted your dog from.

To find out more please call 07720 546825 or email

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