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Does your dog have a clean bill of health? If your dog’s behaviour has changed suddenly or they seem to be acting out of character, we advise that you consult a vet to make sure your dog is not ill or in pain to enable an accurate assessment of your dog’s behaviour.

Beyond Obedience – Group Classes £60

A six week course designed to help you become the owner your dog always wanted. Combining a Mindfulness based approach to help us relax and some impulse control exercises for your dog to help them relax, we gently guide you into being the compassionate leader your dog needs for a balanced stress free life. Written resources plus ongoing telephone and email support included.

Suitable for dogs and owners of any age or breed.

This course is delivered as a group class with a maximum of 12 dogs (maybe less depending on size of venue).

We also offer a more personalised version in your home which can be matched to your particular needs. Cost is £300


Group Class £60

1-2-1 Sessions £300

Initial Consultation £120

Your initial consultation will last two hours. This would preferably be in your home so that we can assess all the factors that are likely to affect your dog’s behaviour.  It will typically involve a walk and a comprehensive discussion to enable a proper diagnosis. We will put some things in place to start the process for you and your dog before we leave. You will get a written report detailing what we found and what we advised for your reference as there is a lot to take in and we wouldn’t expect you to remember everything we said after only one session.  We then offer a follow-up session to make sure you are on track and that things are working for you. This is also an opportunity to re-evaluate and make any tweaks to your plan. Of course, not all situations are the same so your consultation may take a different form.

Behavioural Walks £90

For minor reactivity and socialisation and when a full consultation is not needed, This service includes three walks, the first two we take the dog on it’s own to assess and address their behaviour as needed and then invite you the owner on the third walk to teach you how to handle your dog and manage their behaviour around their triggers.

Lone Wolf Walks £30

If your dog is reactive or nervous or for any other reason you can’t take advantage of regular dog walking services, our Lone Wolf service fits the bill. We provide a full hour walk with some sitting and chilling time at the beginning and the end.

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