Services and Prices

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Services and Prices

Does your dog have a clean bill of health? If your dog’s behaviour has changed suddenly or they seem to be acting out of character, we advise that you consult a vet to make sure your dog is not ill or in pain to enable an accurate assessment of your dog’s behaviour.

Initial Consultation £120

Your initial consultation will last two to three hours. It will typically involve a walk of about an hour and a comprehensive discussion to enable a diagnosis. We then offer a follow-up session to share our thoughts and show you how to implement our advice. Of course, not all situations are the same so your consultation may take a different form.

Individual Sessions £60ph

After your assessment we offer one-to-one bespoke sessions if you would like more support.

The Mindful Approach

A six week course designed to help you become the owner your dog always wanted. Written resources plus ongoing telephone and email support included.

Group Classes

This course is delivered as a group class with a maximum of 12 dogs and costs £60


We also offer a more personalised version in your home which can be matched to your particular needs. Cost is £300

It’s a Ruff Life

Encouraging prospective owners to adopt instead of buy. We help pick the perfect pooch for your family and provide support during the first couple of weeks. We try to do this for minimal cost to maximize profits for the rescue charity you adopt from. This is on a case by case basis.

Please note: Travel expenses may be added if you are outside of the Birmingham/Sandwell area.

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